Vonnie and JeffBorn of Italian descent, Chef Jeff Castree was destined for the culinary world when his passion for this industry and for food was recognized at an early age. It began in his family owned grocery store,
Castree’s Pace Maker, run by his grandfather broadway-diner-baraboo-100and father and the kitchens of his Sicilian grandmother Sara and Aunt Kate whose meals were always an event. He then began his own career starting as a dishwasher at the Angle Inn Diner in Rockford, IL. There he quickly discovered his niche; small diners, where the customer and the cook develop relationships while preparing food.

With thirty years of experience in places like Rockford Women’s Club, Rockford Hoffman House and the famous Ishnala Supper Club, where he catered to prominent guests such as Martha Stewart, and a culinary degree from Madison Area Technical College, Jeff was ready to fulfill a life-long dream of owning his own diner.

With Jeff’s love for nostalgia and the open kitchen concept and his wife’s constant desire to recycle and reuse, the idea of revitalizing an old relic that had been cast aside was a sure winner. They began the research of old diners and soon found a restorer in Cleveland, OH known as the Diner Miner. The restorer had many diners to choose from but the only one equipped with the open kitchen concept was a 1954 Silk City Diner formally known as Rosie’s Diner, Bridge Diner, Twin Bridge Diner and AP Diner when it began its life off the assembly line in Patterson, NJ on its way to Groton, CT in 1954. It was of vital importance to Jeff and Vonnie to maintain the original integrity of the diner when having it restored.

Chef Jeff and his wife Vonnie opened the Broadway Diner in May 2012 as a full service restaurant. In 2013 they began the endeavor of adding catering to their growing business. They take great pride in serving high quality as well as locally-sourced products. They are confident in their ability to provide you with the food and service you and your guests will enjoy, food prepared with Love!