Twin_BridgeBroadway Diner is a classic “Silk City” Diner. The Silk City model was manufactured by the Paterson Vehicle Company of Paterson New Jersey, between 1924 and 1967.

Ours was built in 1954 – the golden age of diners!

It was originally called the A&P Diner and found its home in Groton Connecticut. In the 1980s the diner’s name changed to the Bridge Diner, then Twin Bridge Diner. This is what it looked like around 1985.


roseinct2In 1988 the diner changed hands and became Rosie’s Diner. It was in operation as Rosie’s until 2005, when it was replaced with another building.
Steve Harwin of Diversified Diners in Cleveland Ohio bought the diner, hoping to find a buyer and then restore it.



Jeff and Vonnie Castree found out about the diner and purchased it in 2011. An additional building for freezer space, restrooms and additional seating was built first, and the restored diner was moved to its current location and attached to the building in May of 2012.


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